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Who is behind ResistanceBandtraining.com

and Why was it created???

" ResistanceBandtraining.com is all about getting “YOU” Performing at the top of Your Game using a tool that functions just like your body !"


My name is Dave Schmitz. I am the developer of  RBT.com and the owner  PERFORMAX – Performance Training  located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Since 1986, as a physical therapist and License Athletic Trainer, I have had the opportunity to help 1000's of people restore their ability to return back to performing day to day functional activities after injury.

Since 1997, I have had the opportunity to help highly motivate individuals and athletes return back to performing at levels that they previously were not able to do as a result of injury or inadequate training and the KEY Training Tool resistance bands.

Let me briefly explain…

Coming out of college I was taught that my role as a physical therapist was to just get people back to being able to function day to day. You know... things like walking, sitting, going upstairs, etc.  Being an athlete myself and an individual who loved and I mean LOVED to workout this never sat well with me.  Interestingly many of my patients were not satisfied with that either.

I also started to realize that rehab and performance training was not that much different. I was restoring function in rehab and with a little intensity tweak of those same exercises I could enhance higher level performance as well.

The problem was there was no transition or plan on how to get patients to the next level beyond basic rehab. As soon as they could walk, the insurance or MD would say they were done with formal physical therapy and they should just start playing or going back to what every they wanted to do.  Just take it slow.   Subsequently I saw these same people back with a new injury or they never returned back to what previously they enjoyed doing.

The Rule makers did not care or know that walking and running require significantly different functional demands which meant more advanced training.

So in 1997, I create PERFORMAX – Performance Training to give athletes and fitness minded individuals the opportunity to learn how to train their body the way it was designed to function and get back to what they enjoyed doing.


NO Space, No $$$, Huge Passion

I began to train athletes out of the Physical Therapy clinic basement. The problem was, I wanted to work speed and agility and only had about a 10 yard by 6 yard area space.

I needed some type of equipment to challenge running and change of direction movements. I kept looking and throwing $$$’s at different training equipment. Big waste of time and the little money I did have

Thank goodness for South Bend

One March Saturday afternoon, I was invited to a Football Clinic at Notre Dame University and there I met a 62 year old football coached named Dick Hartzell who was going ballistic training with resistance bands. As I watched Dick go nuts a huge light went off in my head.

“Rubber bands function just like our body”
  •   They are muscles without a nervous supply
  •   They must be loaded before they can explode
  •   They can go in any direction
  •   And they were portable, affordable, extremely versatile and created an unlimited workout challenge

After 3 hours of talking to and watching Dick…  Resistancebandtraining.com was born ......I just didn’t realize it for 6 more years.

Resistance bands were exactly what I needed to train functional movement and Get People Reactive

For the next 4 years I began to rehab and train with resistance bands almost exclusively. I would mix in some dbs, sandbags and medballs but when it came to speed, agility, flexibility and power, and muscle retraining….bands worked perfect at getting athletes, clients and patients moving the way I wanted them to… Like an athlete. No thinking, just Reacting

Being my own guinea pig, I was developing new workouts and exercises every week. Along with my athletes I was recapturing the speed, agility and flexibility I had lost following my old non-functional body building training programs

...And what was really cool was the options of training with resistance bands were limitless...Just the way our body was meant to function.

They laughed at our rubber band workouts.

The athletes were really diggin the bands and were getting incredibly faster, quicker and more explosive in weeks not months. Their running movements were becoming smoother, more rhythmical and they were really learning what it meant to react and explode with power.

Meanwhile my adult fitness clients were absolutely sold on training with resistance bands and kept challenging me to keep on creating new workouts.....and I love a challenge.  People were getting ripped and the ladies especially love RBT because they didn’t have to goof around with those big barbells.   

Oh and by the way, my patients were learning how to walk, squat, reach, bend, push, pull, and lift quicker and without pain.

Need to share the word FAST…

I needed to figure out a way to start sharing everything I had discovered about  Resistance band training.  What better way than the World Wide Web.

My first site was simple and filled with tons of information.  However after a few years I needed to “Jack things up”.  You are now visiting the new and improved RBT.com.

RBT.com is quickly growing and is becoming the #1 website devoted to functional resistance band training.

Attention Coaches, Trainers, Athletes, and Fitness Enthusiasts...

Are you using resistance bands yet????  Don’t be fooled by those simple tubular bands or nylon coated bungee cords.  I am talk flat heavy duty, kick you butt resistance bands.

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