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Product: Flex Band Strength Training ebook
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Why get just strong when you can get “REACTIVELY STRONG”


  Resistance Bands Strength Training is the “First” progressive Resistance Band training manual that is geared toward teach you how to use Resistance Bands in your training program.


** Learn what characterizes true functional training.


** Understand why you want to train with Elastic vs.Weights alone


** Find out how reactive strength will keep you injury free.


** Experience why Resistance Bands are "Unmatched" when it comes to to training with elastic bands


** Learn "8" different ways to set up Resistance Bands (Each creating 10 plus new exercises)


** Learn why a "flat band" blows away tubes or bungie cords


** Become proficient with the "best" dynamic flexibility program and eliminate Low Back and Shoulder Pain


** Take advantage of 3 complete and progressive workouts that train "movement not muscles"


** Train at home, on the road, at the court or on the field and never miss a workout



You will go from set-up to dynamic flexibility training before embarking on 1 of 3 progressive strength training programs that will challenge you to become "Reactively" strong not just gym strong.



You can have your Own Flex Band Strength Training E-Book within  hours and Shipping is "FREE"










Price: $17